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About Urban Safari Entertainment
Although we may not be traipsing through the remote jungles of Africa or the exotic rainforests of South America (yet), Urban Safari Entertainment is committed to exploration, adventure, and most of all… fun! 

Through the creation of engaging media properties for children, youth and families, Urban Safari explores our universe and the people in it.  Whether it’s educational pre-school or children’s programming, or high-adventure, high octane series or films for kids, tweens, and families, each property is entertaining, fun, and carefully targeted for its audience.

Each project is evaluated for the correct production medium, whether it’s animation, live-action or a hybrid of the two, and begins its life either as a feature film, television MOW, series or special, or digital media property.  The narrative life of each property is then extended into online, mobile, gaming, publishing, and merchandising and licensing extensions.


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