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Kids' Cookhouse

Kid’s Cookhouse is an innovative, interactive mobile-optimized website that teaches children about food and nutrition in a fun, irreverent manner.  It empowers children to cook - taking every parent’s dreaded question, “Mom/Dad, What’s for dinner?” and flipping it on its’ head, putting control in the hands of the child.  


Essentially a nutrition-watch application for children, it goes beyond tracking, and empowers children to take an active role in feeding their families.   The site gameifies healthy eating, inspiring children to make smart food choices, teaching them how to cook and encouraging their participation in meal-planning.   Once their cooking skills have been developed, children are encouraged to share and create their own recipes with the online community.  Kids’ Cookhouse facilitates the process further for busy parents, by providing useful interactive and geo-location based tools, in order to make shopping and food preparation convenient for parents. 

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