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A Christmas Crisis


Target Market: Family

It’s Christmas Eve. Shoppers are running around, gathering their last minute gifts. Santa is up in the North Pole with his elves, busy getting ready for his annual deliveries. To all appearances, it looks like it’s going to be another average Christmas season. Until, that is, aliens appear and manage to kidnap the entire population of earth. Well, almost the entire population - It isn’t enough that kids grow up and stop paying attention to dear ol’ St. Nick, now an entire armada of  aliens forget him!


With everyone else on earth gone, it’s now up to our unlikely hero, the mild mannered and naïve Santa, along with his companions, a gung-ho Frosty-like snowman named Doug, and the smart-witted elf, Ellie, to save the world! Yet the change from holiday icon to action hero is far from easy for this trio, as they must fly into outer space, battle an armada of aliens and free the people of earth. Oh, and to make matters worse, there’s still the looming deadline of Christmas morning and a sleigh-load of presents that needs to be delivered.


In the end, however, with help from our kid heroes, Cindy and Tim, and a few bungling aliens, our heroes manage to save the day, and learn that Christmas isn’t about gifts or traditions it’s about the people you spend it with. And giving of yourself, can be the greatest gift of all.

In Development
Kindred Spirts

Target Market:  Teen


Mourning the death of her mother, and being forced to move to a small town with her Kokum (Grandmother) and live with a family she barely knows, Willow thinks life can't get much worse.   When she discovers, however, that she's inherited the family's gift of time travel... things begin to look up.  As she struggles to redeem her actions of the past, Willow starts to build herself a new future.

The Hunt For Billy Miner's Gold

Target Market:  Family

When a group of kids find an old map in an abandoned mine shed, and learn that it belonged to the legendary train robber, Billy Miner, visions of gold dance in their eyes, as they head out for the adventure of a lifetime.



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