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The Wild Side

'The Wild Side' of Urban Safari Entertainment moves beyond the company's main focus of family fare, into programming targeted towards adults, from a comedy about the struggles of stay-at-home Dads, to a thriller about the lengths two women will go to, to become mothers, to romantic comedies.   Each Wild Side Production maintains Urban Safari's commitment to entertaining, quality programming.



Genre:  Thriller


What lengths would you go to, to become a mother?

Two friends, EVELYN and LUANNE arrive at a cabin in the remote Yukon with a bag full of cash to await the arrival of MACK, Evelyn’s estranged ex-husband. Mack is the middleman between the girls and the delivery of a new baby adopted on the black market.   Disaster strikes, however, when Evelyn decides to steal the cash to get her own son back, when an angry JERRY arrives with the baby, looking for payment.



Directors:  Peter DeLuise

Screenwriter:  Adam O. Thomas, S. Siobhan McCarthy, Gorrman Lee, David Lewis, Tracey Mack,

Genre:  Comedy



A contemporary coming of age comedy about a group of friends who find themselves at

an emotional and personal crossroads as they struggle to come to terms with who they

were, who they are and who they need to be, in a world of stay-at-home Dads and breadwinning Moms.T.

With a local park as their home base, Tim, Jesse, Davinder and their still partying single friend

Josh, meet regularly to support each other as they tackle the trials of daily life. As parents, husbands and men without direction, these four friends are caught at a crossroads as they find

themselves no longer moving forward. Set in the Pacific Northwest, PARKED follows a group of

long-time friends now faced with the realities of life as they come face to face with the fact that who they are isn’t who they imagined they’d be and if they aren’t careful they might find themselves parked, forever.

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