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The Adventures of Little Jake & Many Skies


Genre:  C​omedy​

Target Market: 4 - 8 year olds

10 x 2min


Little Jake was happy being the only kid on the Double ‘C’ Ranch.  His world gets turned upside down, however, when a new cook starts at the ranch, who has a daughter, and he’s forced to hang out with… a girl!  To make matters worse, it turns out that she’s a real help with the horses on the ranch, giving Little Jake competition.  Not to be outdone by a girl, he’s determined to get rid of her, one way or another…

The Christmas Frog


Genre:  C​omedy​

Target Market: Family

1 x 60min Special


Timmy is excited about participating in this year’s holiday pageant, and sees it as a chance to show off to his Dad, and finally make him proud.  The day of the dress rehearsal, however, Susie plays a prank that gets Timmy kicked out of the show.  To make matters worse, his parents still make him dress-up in a suit and attend the performance.  Unknown to his parents, Timmy decides to bring along his pet frog to keep him company during the performance, but his frog escapes! 


Timmy sneaks away from his parents, and looks everywhere for his frog, but it only lands him in more trouble!  From a slippery frog making a mess into the bathroom, to a frantic backstage search that sends sets and scenery flying, to Timmy’s grand entrance during the show’s finale, which sends the cast and crew running.  Don’t worry though, in the end, Timmy saves the day, sweeps Susie off her feet, and oh yeah, finally catches his frog.

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